The DreamboxXx is a custom arcade cabinet built by DBAA in conjunction with the LGBTQ venue Dreamhouse in Ridgewood, Queens. In addition to building them a custom arcade cabinet, we commissioned nine custom arcade games that were meant to live on the cabinet by local queer NYC developers.


The Cabinet

The DreamboxXx was built by Mark Kleeb and Kyle Magocs using mostly materials found at the Dreamhouse. The skeleton of the cabinet was framed using 1x3 boards and it was paneled with a combination of mirrored and frosted acrylic panels. The console was built using two pieces of 3/4" plywood and lined with a padded pleather arm rest.

Since the cabinet was running nine games, the computer needed a launcher to allow players to select games from a menu and launch them from executable files. Andy Wallace took on the task of building this launcher, and outlined his process in his blog:

Creating The DreamboxXx: A Queer Winnitron




The DreamboxXx can be played at Wonderville in Bushwick. You can buy the bundle of games on Itch.io



Proceeds from this bundle will go toward local social justice non-profits of each artist's choice, such as the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (local legal-aid organization serving low-income people of color who are trans, intersex, or nonbinary) and Make The Road New York (local grassroots organization dedicated to immigrant rights and working class communities)