Long after the purge of Earth, humanity holds the pieces of its destroyed culture tightly. Now, on the brink of extinction with no home to return to, humanity must redefine itself. Though they need not start from scratch. They have a piece of Old Earth that could never be destroyed or taken away. They have the glory and the pride of the old world to help shape their future.

They have Fútbol.

Futbol Forever
Futbol Forever

The Cabinet

The Fútbol Forever cabinet was the first top-down table cabinet in the DBAA collection, built in 2014 by Mark Kleeb, Anthony Marefat, and Michael Kahane. Since the game is symmetrical on either side of the screen, it allowed players to be positioned on either side for a 360-degree playing experience. The box with the screen and controls was attached to the legs from a folding table, which allowed the cabinet to break down for ease of transport. 



Fútbol Forever can be played at Wonderville in Bushwick


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