Slam City Oracles is a rambunctious, riot grrrl, Katamari-meets-Grand Theft Auto physics game, in which you and a friend slam onto the world around you to cause as much chaos as possible in two minutes. With a rollicking riot grrrl-inspired mechanic designed and programmed by Jane Friedhoff, bright and adorable art by Jenny Jiao Hsia, and an upbeat soundtrack by Brooklyn-based, women-fronted rock band Scully, Slam City Oracles is a gleeful, delightful slam-em-up.

2016-09-24 18.38.45.jpg

The Cabinet

Slam City Oracles was built by Mark Kleeb and Jane Friedhoff in 2015. It was the first cabinet to use a vertical screen layout, and thus the cabinet stands the tallest to incorporate a large portrait-style screen. Additionally, the "smash" button was an important feature for each player, so large, LED-lit buttons were used for this feature.



Slam City Oracles travels with our collection and is currently available to play at the Superchief Gallery in Ridgewood, Queens. It is also featured on the DBAA Snackpack vol. 1 available for purchase at our store!