Indie Arcade
MAGFest 2019


Our biggest event of the year is Super MAGFest, taking place in National Harbor, Maryland over four days from Thursday January 3rd to Sunday January 6th at the Gaylord Convention Center. For the second straight year, we are the curators in charge of the Indie Arcade department, inviting developers from across the country to participate in the 72-hour nonstop games and music festival.

In addition to curating the games, we hold tournaments for many games in our collection with custom laser-cut medals as prizes. We also held a panel in 2019 called How To Build An Arcade Cabinet, where we constructed a brand new arcade cabinet for Kung Fu Kickball live in front of an audience.


Out of the Death By Audio Arcade collection, we brought Crystal Brawl, Particle Mace, Powerboat Italia ‘88, Slam City Oracles, Fútbol Forever, Nothing Good Can Come of This, Volleygon, Video Freak, Star Versus, Super Sharp Birds, and the Giffinator Photo Booth. We showed Circumnavigators from the Alt.Ctrl night and Bleep Space by Andy Wallace. There was a networked projection game called LogoToy, by Dustin Long, Neil Sveri and Andy Wallace. Nick Santaniello set up some Pico8 games including Just One Boss, 8-Bit Emperor, and Zubgubblers. We also brought Dobotone by Videogamo and Foiled! by Gabe Cuzzillo.

Once again, we invited Babycastles to bring some games, and they brought Line Wobbler, Celine Fan, Final Spike, Electric Scrapeboard, Fluff Battle, Black Room, Hungry Buddy, I Jab At Thee, and My Friend Matisse.


For the second straight year, we were joined by Scoot Pooch by Rotten Tuna Games, Phillytron by Philly Games Mechanics, 1000 Button Project by Amanda Hudgins, and Robo Puzzle Smash by Pxlplz.

New in 2019 were the desktop cabinet Don’t Push Me by Jacob Clayman, eCheeseZone by Seemingly Pointless, Kitchen Mania by the Brooklyn Research New Forms of Interaction Research Group, Soarin Scurry by Dolphin Dungeon, Sashimi Slammers by ZMackerel, Ossia Glow by r25th, and GeoBio by Bearwarp.

Below you can see some additional photos of the indie arcade by Nick Santaniello:

There’s an additional photo album from the Indie Arcade, as well as the entire MIVS (MAGFest Indie Video Game Showcase) area, by Jason Scott on Flickr: