KungFu Kickball

KungFu Kickball is a team based platform fighting sports game where the best ball-kicker wins. Punch, kick, and headbutt your way across the field to slam the ball into your opponents’ bell and rack up points!

KungFu Kickball cabinet was build on stage as part of our How To Build An Arcade Cabinet at Super MAGFest 2019.

Fabrication: Kyle Magocs, Allen Riley and Mark Kleeb

Game Designer: Jonah Wallerstein

Music: John Fio

Environment artist: Juno Mendiola


The Cabinet

The KungFu Kickball cabinet was pieced together in front of a live audience for a panel at Super MAGFest 2019 in National Harbor.




KungFu Kickball can be played in our cabinet at Wonderville in Bushwick, and the game will be available on Steam at KungFuKickball.com.