Salmon Roll:The Upstream Team is a two player collaborative game with a five-foot long custom controller based on the 1983 arcade game Ice Cold Beer (also the inspiration for TumbleSeed).

It was commissioned in 2017 by PlayNYC, a games conference in NYC held in Terminal 5. 

Game by Andy Wallace and Jane Friedhoff.
Art by Diego Garcia
Photos by Jo Chiang

Brief write-up of the development process here.


The Controller

The controller for Salmon Roll is a 5 foot long wooden box held by players at either end and with joysticks sticking out of the sides. The joysticks move up and down, allowing the players to control their beavers, but the construction of the box requires players to hold it up together with their free hand. This ensures that it is impossible for any one person to control both joysticks at the same time: the size of the controller itself makes sure that this is a two-player game. The image of the two beavers holding a plank projected on the wall is mirrored by our players holding the controller in the real world!



Salmon Roll is an installation that sometimes is featured at various DBAA events. Check out our events page to see when you can play!